Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2009 07

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1 Package arrives from Europa but it's suspiciously large. John has sent blue foam instead of brown. Phone and ask for correct stuff to be sent.
4 Take Redux joint samples down from airing cupboard. Try to break them. The aluminium-aluminium joint can be peeled apart with considerable effort, bending the thinner piece in the process, but it's clear that the surfaces were not keyed well enough. The wood-wood joint cannot be broken - all attempts only break the wood. The joint between the glass layup and the offcut of prepreg cannot be broken either - all attempts only break the layup. This all indicates that this batch of Redux will be satisfactory for doing the filling around the aileron horn boxes mandated by Martin.
14 Phone Roger Huttlestone about the spar clamp problem and he's happy to adjust the clamp to fit if I can bring the top swivelling part of it to him with all necessary dimensions. No sign yet of the brown foam for the wing patch so phone Europa again to chase it.
15 Get some larger-diameter cutting discs for the Dremel tool from B&Q.
17 While stocking up on disposable gloves from Halfords, notice they have large inline fuseholders (Autoleads AGU part # G2-30-H) with mounting tabs and 30A fuses (G2-44-H) to fit, so buy 2 holders & fuses for the ones required firewall-forward. Even better, when I get them home they are the same size as the 32A cartridge fuses I got a couple of months ago and couldn't find holders for.
21 Still no sign of the brown foam so chase it again with Europa by phone. Remove ailerons from wings - slightly tricky while wings rigged to cockpit module as pushrod travel seems more restricted than when unrigged. Fit right-angle drive to Dremel and using a small burr tool abrade all the internal corners between the horn boxes and the skins. Abrade the larger more accessible areas with coarse emery cloth. Mix 40g + 16g of the older (recently-tested) Redux and add 3.5 doses of flox to make it non-slump. Butter into all the horn box corners and form fillets as well as possible. 19C, 79% RH without any heat on. Leave to cure 1286.3
22 Phone message left by Roger in late afternoon - he's still confused about what I need. Too late to phone back, so send an e-mail addressed to both Roger & John clarifying the size & type of foam needed for the wing skin repair.
23 Phone Europa to confirm that the e-mail has been received; neither Roger nor John about so dictate the details again.
24 The right size and thickness of brown foam at last arrives from Europa. However, they have charged me again for it, so send an e-mail complaining and asking if they want the chunk of blue foam sent in error returned for credit.
27 Roger replies to my e-mail saying they will refund the 2nd charge for the foam.
29 Refund slip arrives from Europa for duplicate charge.
31 File off some excess bits of Redux in the horn boxes and rub down rough areas of fillets. Re-fit ailerons with short button-head screws. 1287.5

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