Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2005 02

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25 Tighten clamp on rudder & start rubbing down root end with 240 wet & dry on 75mm wide ali channel. Reverse rudder to get at starboard side. Need protection on studding for LE, so cut about 50mm of 5/8" nylon round bar, face off & drill trough 6mm. Now need to re-position studding. Drill another hole in bench and fit another pronged tee-nut, drill corresponding hole in batten. Clamp up & finish starboard side of root. Large bare patches appear - obviously that side was not profiled so well when filling. Otherwise finish satisfactory-looking after use of both large & small blocks and some wrap-around freehand rubbing. Unclamp & set up port side of tip with same clamps. Quite a few dirty patches emerge, where dry guide coat apparently not removed well enough before re-painting. Rub those areas down a good bit more with wrap-around technique until thin patches start to appear. 750.1

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