Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2004 03

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15 Take off gas springs and underfloor brackets. Clean up and degrease brackets. Spray with zinc primer. Try cleaning filler out of rudder hinge with scalpel. Spray brackets matt black. Repair damage done to small parts drawers when cable-reel pole dropped out of its socket.
16 Put all foam components except rudder back into trailer. Remove all epoxy samples from individual envelopes and put into large plastic ziploc bags, one bag per component.
17 Get more underseal, both aerosol and brush-on and more zinc primer at Halfords.
18 Gas spring eye mounting bolts need spacers to keep springs central. Cut off about 150mm of 1" aluminium bar and mark up with parting tool for 4 off 12mm and 4 off 17mm lengths. Hacksaw off, face up and drill through 4 off 12mm spacers. Drill 8mm clear and check fit on underfloor brackets and gas springs.

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