Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2001 10

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1 Finish entering part numbers on FileMaker Pro inventory.
2 EURO25 angle arrives by post. Try to phone Anna at the factory to report shortages and oddities but she is busy. Sarah promises to leave a message for her to ring back, but no call received.
3 Send e-mail to Anna at the factory with details of questions raised by inventory. Seems to be a duplication of EURO01 washers, and several parts I can't locate.
4 Receive e-mail from Anna which answers some of the questions. Some parts were known out of stock, others only just discovered so, and one large part I couldn't find is wrapped with another in the same bubble-wrap.
5 Check for T18 in wrap with TS05 and it is indeed there. Check dimensions of samples of EURO01 washers from all packs. Start a related file with inventory to note parts used. Create a link file between parts and manual pages and start entering data. Send e-mail to Anna listing EURO01 washer findings and reporting that I have found the T18.
6 The T41780 springs arrive in the post. Continue entering data for page/part cross-reference. Create a text file for manual discrepancies as the check of part numbers is starting to show up a few queries.
8 Continue entering data for page/part cross-reference.
10 Continue entering data for page/part cross-reference. Find reference to bushes not on list and send e-mail to Anna querying it.
11 Get out CS01 & CS02 parts and find the bushes are already fitted. Send e-mail apologising, and recieve one from Roger confirming what I already found. Continue entering data for page/part cross-reference. Can't identify which part belongs to the numbers EURO54 (TU43) or EURO55 (TU25) although it's easy to tell which is the alloy tube by inspection. They are taped together and the sticky label is a bit ambiguous.
12 Continue entering part/page cros-references, finding more minor discrepancies.
16 Continue entering part/page cross-references.
18 Continue entering part/page cross-references. Up to end of chapter 28 now.
20 Continue entering part/page cross-references. Find that several small parts are already attached to LG02, and that the wheel assembly has all the bolts etc already inserted. Can't see the drilled-head bolts for attaching the brake caliper, though; and the ones holding the caliper together are not drilled either.
22 Continue entering part/page cross-references.
23 Complete entering part/page cross-references. Find there are quite a few inventory items without any page call-outs. Identify a few obvious ones. Return to front of manual and start entering the calls for BID, flox, etc that I hadn't bothered with early on in the first pass.
24 Carry on with re-checking early manual pages for omissions.
25 Finish adding page-part cross-references. Start to do count of parts used and get nearly to end of chapter 13.
26 Continue count of parts used, now partway through chapter 23.
27 Continue count of parts used.
29 Complete count of parts used. Print out list of numbers supplied and numbers called or in manual. Quite a lot actually match perfectly! Some others are obvious entry errors where I have counted the same part twice, but there are a good number of discrepancies to investigate - more with too many parts than too few! Double-check manual pages again for counts of all the suspicious ones and eliminate a few, while finding some other errors.
30 Send e-mails to Anna Turnbull about the apparent discrepancies between manual and parts schedule, and to Roger Bull about the questions arising from and typos etc found in the manual.
31 Anna replies saying she can't answer my parts quantity queries and she has passed it on to Roger.

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