Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2001 01

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2 Buy a pack of plastic drinking cups from Wilkinsons at 59p for 8 - they look as though they could be used for resin mixing.
4 E-mail Graham Singleton about various mod parts still required. Order extra rudder pushrod parts from Europa by e-mail to Anna Turnbull, and some extra glass (for a weight-test layup) and other odds and ends.
5 Pump a couple of strokes of resin into the Wilkinson plastic cups — they seem unaffected. First stroke of hardener noticeably lightweight.
8 Fit the dolly guide rails on the trailer floor. Roger had supplied M6 x25mm and 80mm roofing bolts, but the 25mm ones aren't long enough to go through rail flange, floor, and angle underneath. In B&Q to get some 40mm ones, I notice a single fully-threaded M12x150mm carriage bolt among the other part-threaded ones. Buy it with some nuts and washers, and find it just right for the spare wheel when mounted on a piece of suitable angle riveted on top of the offside rear frame. Can't mount the centre rails as don't know spacing. Likewise don't know position of wing spar supports. Fax Roger for info, as phone not answered.
11 Roger phones with trailer dimensions. The spar clamp he has supplied me is intended to fit deeper onto the spar than his early ones. They were OK with the wing dolly near the CG of the wing, but not now the dolly fits nearer the tip. Thus pictures of earlier installations may not be a good guide to how mine should go. From the back edge of the trailer floor to the flat face of the spar support box-section should be 1570mm. From the back edge of the floor to the centre of the tailwheel axle should be 5175mm. It appears I have not (yet) got any wing dolly restraint system. Roger says they had either bungee or a ply plate fixing. He says he will cut out a couple of the ply plates and drop them in some time he is passing. Wing dolly position is 4740mm from rear edge of floor, or the roof hoop nearest to this position.
Cover the polystyrene foam floats I made earlier with polyethylene sheet, and lower them onto the tops of the resin and hardener. Despite the improved protection from atmospheric degradation, now realize this makes returning surplus liquid to the reservoirs after test dispenses more awkward and potentially messier than before!

16 Package of bits arrives from Europa with glass-cloth, replacement CS29, rivets for pushrod ends, etc.
18 Buy sheets of expanded polystyrene foam to insulate garage roof in working area. TP only had 50mm (x1200x2400), so got 11 sheets instead of the 7 sheets of 75mm I had planned, and will have to use a 3-layer sandwich instead of 2. Cut off a piece and fit to a ceiling bay. Find it can be cut fairly easily to fit tightly enough to stay up without support.
19 Fit insulation to garage ceiling, fully filling 4 bays and 2-3rds of a fifth. A sheet yields 4 bay-sized pieces plus a narrow offcut. Thinking about the nastiness of expanded polystyrene in a fire, would be a good idea to box it in, at least in the central area where that is convenient to do. Hardboard should OK, preferably white-surfaced as the white of the insulation is improving the lighting and I don't want to lose that effect.
25 Fit insulation to remaining garage ceiling bays. Using the offcut ends in the middle or top of several sandwiches means there is one whole sheet left over.
29 Buy 7 sheets of white-faced hardboard 2'x6' at B&Q. Fix to central part of garage ceiling to support expanded polystyrene & reduce fire hazard.

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