Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 2000 02

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8 Send e-mails to Roger Huttlestone requesting info about wiring & flooring trailer, and to Graham Singleton requesting price & other info on tailwheel mod mod.
10 Roger Huttlestone phones & suggests I come and look at the tri-gear trailer they're working on, and pick up some of the outstanding bits. I suggest Friday or Monday (although Friday looks quite busy, there might be time in the early afternoon between shopping and premises committee).
11 Graham Singleton confirms by e-mail that the tailwheel mod mod is £115 (no VAT) and that it can be posted for about £7 or he's happy for me to pick it up if he gets enough notice. Reply that I'll try to fix a date a few weeks hence.
14 Visit Northwick Manufacturing, view & photograph tri-gear trailer being built for someone from Sutton bank in Yorkshire. Get instructions on brakes, floor, wing root clamps, winch, wiring and mudguards. Return underseal sprayer and collect spare tyre, outrider lights, plug, 2-core wire and wiring diagram.
15 Take pictures of trailer with space around it. Fit trailer brake cable and make up plywood supports for bowden cables to wheels (they seem likely to drag on the ground without support, and had been tie-wrapped up to the chassis for the delivery journey).
19 Give trailer brake cable supports a coat of exterior varnish
21 Give trailer brake cable supports a second coat of varnish
23 Give trailer brake cable supports a third coat of varnish
25 e-mail Roger Huttlestone at Northwick to check rivet spacing on trailer floor.
26 Receive e-mail from Roger Huttlestone with rivet spacing info.
28 After nearly ordering air compressor from Axminster Power Tool Centre (it was a 9.5cfm unit incorrectly shown as 14cfm in catalogue), go to Gloucester and buy compressor and right-angle air drill from Machine Mart, with hose and fittings to use Roger's air riveter. Despite warnings of need for 30A supply, compressor seems to be quite happy on a 13A plug. It's plated at 12A, so perhaps the starting surge is not as bad as feared.

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