Europa #435 G-RODO Build Journal - 1999 12

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1 Manhandle trailer past garden shed and onto lawn, just to see if it can be done to allow access to side area for subsidence remedial work. Needed about 3 back-and-forward movements to clear corner.
2 Manhandle trailer back to side of house. Catch nearside rear bottom corner on branch, tearing glass-fibre up past securing strip for a few inches. Tyres have left quite deep impressions on lawn.
10 Buy West Systems resin cleaner and anti-corrosive water-resistant grease from Lynall Boats, High Street. Discover when I get it home that resin cleaner is water-based frothy liquid, not acetone as expected, so will have to change that.
14 Take trailer out of parking place and park on council's grass area adjacent for the afternoon to allow access for Treemasters to remove dead trees. When backing in, catch rear offside on tiled area of chimney stack and tear out a small piece of edge. Damage extends to rear edge of extra layup securing rearmost roof support hoop. I think I have to trim that edge back a bit, so it's probably not too serious, and a repair is always possible anyway.
15 Grease trailer rear jack screws with anti-corrosive grease.
16 Manual update arrives from Europa factory.
18 Make FileMaker Pro list of existing and added manual pages, and print amendment checklist from it. Insert new pages, adding tab dividers between chapters. Save the old pages in a separate binder, just in case.
31 Buy Plasplugs 80mm diamond tile-cutter wheel (£7.79) at Homebase to see if it can be used on angle grinder for trimming layups. Although slightly smaller than usual 115mm wheels, it has the correct 22.2mm bore and is good for up to 19100 rpm, so will be OK on the Bosch at 11000 rpm. On test pieces cuts cured layup quickly and cleanly.

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