Dalriada pictures (1965 panorama identification)

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On this page are links to 3 PDF files. Depending on how you have set your web browser preferences, clicking on the links below should either display the file for immediate viewing, or download it to your own machine for reading at leisure. Some browsers allow this choice through a pop-up menu, accessed using click-and-hold, right-click, or control-click. I expect that most people will prefer to download the files so that they can be printed out. Please note that each PDF file is about 1.6MB, so will take some time to download (or to render on-screen if not downloading) on a dial-up connexion. If you don't already have the appropriate software for using PDF files, you can download a free copy from the Adobe website.

To help identify the people appearing in it, here is a version of the 1965 panorama picture PDF with a numbered grid superimposed. It is a PDF which will print out on 7 sheets of A4 paper.

Also available are 2 similar PDFs without the grid, and with the page breaks in different places so that it's not always the same faces chopped in two.

1965 panorama picture PDF version A

1965 panorama picture PDF version B

Here is a list (in surname order) of the names so far identified, together with the grid co-ordinates of their faces. I've included nicknames (in quotes) and married names (in brackets) where known.

Alec Blair68I
M Q "Ma Hen" Chartres100J
A M "Craigie-Ann" Craig102I
G E "Wee Poot" Gordon94I
I P M Grant97J
J Magowan86I
R "Ginty" McGivern89I
W McC "Billy" Nicholl84I
Alan W Reynolds92I
Warnock W Robinson79I
A "Lulu" Sinclair81I
Don Wright76J

The above list is also available (sorted in co-ordinate order) as an Excel spreadsheet file for download here. If you want to submit a lot of new names, it's probably easiest to download this file and add new rows (with suitable flags to show changes), then send it back to me. Please click here to contact me and I'll give you my current e-mail address for future correspondence. You will have to confirm that you are human before the message will be sent on to me.

If you can add to the information here, please let me know.

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