Aerial photos: Gloucestershire (IR54-01)

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1998-03-04: Rolleiflex 3.5 MX-EVS, Vericolor 160 Professional; Cessna 152 Aerobat G-BIMT

The northern part of Cheltenham, looking east. At bottom right is the Prince of Wales rugby stadium, with the leisure centre, Pittville Park and its lakes beyond. Other green spaces are also visible, including the distinctive circular recreation ground in Clyde Crescent towards top right. Slightly nearer, the Whaddon Road football ground is surprisingly less prominent. Near centre right the brownish area is the building site for the new Dunalley School. Almost at the centre of the picture, the tennis courts of Pittville School show up as a different shade of green. Left of that on Albert Road, the complex of pale-coloured buildings is the Art College. The Evesham Road runs right to left near the middle of the picture, and beyond it at the left side of the picture is the edge of the racecourse. Prestbury at upper left lies under the fields on the slopes surrounding Cleeve Hill.

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